THE RED SHIFT – Spilled Milk Productions

Best of Toronto Fringe 2006, FOUR Stars
-[EYE Weekly, Toronto]

The Red Shift is a bold, political, emotional and confrontational look at the multifaceted issues surrounding sovereignty, language and identity.”
-[EYE weekly, Toronto]

“If you are looking for a laugh, The Red Shift is not the play to see. However, if you want to see the truth and want to witness an actress who relies almost solely on dialogue, this is a definite must–see. By juxtaposing both French and English narratives, Nicole Leroux confronts the multifaceted issues surrounding Quebec sovereignty and, in doing so, gives a voice to both sides of the volatile coin. Canadians can be guilty of believing that
genuine political conflict remains beyond their borders. Leroux does not allow for this; in fact, she “blows this myth up.”
-Kellie Maltese [EYE Weekly, Toronto]

Nicole Leroux was selected by host Jian Ghomeshi for an in-depth interview and discussion on the themes and issues raised in The Red Shift.
-National radio: July 14, 2006 [CBC – “Sounds like Canada”]

“Once again a presentation on the theme of Canada’s unity versus Quebec separation. But with so much discussion, debate and analysis through our history, what could this 55 min. show possibly add? I went to this performance feeling somewhat skeptical, however during the play, I realized it’s focus is on the emotional components including divided loyalties and allegiances. It begs the question “How would Quebec separation effect you as an Anglo or francophone personally?” “Are the loyalties clearly divided”? I found that
this show did succeed in offering different points of view. Nicole Leroux is very adept at switching between the francophone and Anglo characters and her delivery is very convincing. She is a wonderful story-teller and I thoroughly enjoyed the show.”
-ED []

“The actor was superb: changing voice, accent, language and posture to match the characters.”
-M&M []

STUPIDITY – Theatre Conspiracy

“…there's a scene in which the cops try to talk to the disabled woman using made-up sign language. The setup is so absurd and transgressive and it's so well played here, especially by Nicole Leroux as the woman and Allan Morgan as one of the troopers that this bit had me bleating with laughter.”
- Colin Thomas [The Georgia Straight, October 18, 2007]

“In the cast of five … Allan Morgan and Nicole Leroux, who played the funniest wheel-chair-bound "creature", stood out for me. The sign language communication by the blue-band cop Morgan and Leroux had Rosemary and I almost slapping our knees like Americans.”

THE COUNTRY - The Mentor’s Co-op

"Leroux plays with all the nuances: book smart and street smart, child and woman, victim and predator. She juggles it all skilfully-and looks great doing it."
- Jo Ledingham [Vancouver Courier, March 3, 2005]

"Performing this stuff presents huge challenges to the actors, and this company meets those challenges… and Leroux all handle the complex verbal choreography as if they were native speakers of Crimpese."

- Colin Thomas [The Georgia Straight, March 3-10 2005]  

OMNISCIENCE – Theatre Conspiracy

"One month into the new Jessie Awards season, Omniscience likely has a nomination for best new play in the bag. And actor Nicole Leroux is bound to garner a nomination for best actress in a lead role. Not for one moment does she let up: the character's rage fuels a physicality that makes Anna completely authentic-the back-of-hand nose-wiping, the legs apart sprawl, the pushups, the frantic expenditure of energy. Leroux is relentless"
- Jo Ledingham [Vancouver Courier, June 2, 2004]

"...Nicole Leroux's work as Anna is outstanding. She had the stance and quickness of a fighter and her flashbacks transported us to the horrors of the battlefield without leaving the room."
- Leanne Campbell [Westender, June 3-9, 2004]

"Nicole Leroux gives a wonderful performance as this poor creature, and intelligent and caring woman all but destroyed by what went wrong, and Leroux is doubly blessed by being handed the most complex character."
- Peter Birnie [The Vancouver Sun, June 1, 2004]

"Anna is the emotional heart of the play. She's compelling: she may take her life or destroy Warren's career, and she knows a truth that she is withholding. And, especially as portrayed by Nicole Leroux in a no-holds-barred, often ironically witted performance, Anna is a bravely vulnerable, sympathetic character."
- Colin Thomas [The Georgia Straight, June 3-10, 2004]

MARY'S WEDDING– The Belfry Theatre, The Vancouver Playhouse

"And with understated poignancy, Leroux and Frazer create flesh and blood characters, finding fresh feeling in subject matter that could have been merely sentimental."
- Robert Moyes [Monday Magazine, November 2002]

“..much praise for new discovery Nicole Leroux as Mary…”
- [Vancouver Sun, Jan 9 -16, 2003]

"But it's Leroux who really impresses in her Playhouse debut ... this bright newcomer's fearless treatment of feisty Mary make this performance well worth the ovation it received on opening night."
- Peter Birnie [Vancouver Sun, January 18, 2003]

“…Nicole Leroux, a UBC Theatre grad making her Playhouse debut, is a sassy, night gowned Mary, half innocent, half tease…
- [Vancouver Courier January 22, 2003]

“Nicole Leroux as Mary [is] astonishing. Ms Leroux movingly and overwhelmingly traces the journey of a naive youngster to one whose heart is broken but who ultimately learns to go beyond the anguish and to retain the beauty of the moment. Together they are nothing short of magnificent.”
- Alan Charlton [The BC Catholic January 27, 2003]

"As Mary, Nicole Leroux is innocent and charming She has a happy spirit with the eternal optimism of youth."
- Jane Penistan []

"Leroux is especially persuasive ... her physical representation, the way she constantly moves her foot like a playful teenager, proves a subtle and convincing interpretation of Mary's coy flirtatiousness."
- Johnanna Ward [Camosun College Theatre Review Issue 6]

“Nicole Leroux delivered a beautifully subtle performance in Mary’s Wedding”
- Peter Birnie [Vancouver Sun, December 29, 2003]

THE NIGHT DESK – Satiricon B Productions

“…actress Nicole Leroux does a great job juggling cellphones and spitting her lines machinegun style, as befits a one-act blast of Howard Hawks-style banter.”
- Peter Birnie [Vancouver Sun, December 1, 2001]

"Yates’ best foil is Nicole Leroux as Getz, a reporter who gloms on to a story in which Yates has already done a tad too much in-depth research."
- Leanne Campbell [The West Ender, December 5, 2001]

“Nicole Leroux, who plays an aggressive cub reporter named Getz, is also full of life and nuance.”
- Colin Thomas [The Georgia Straight]  

MOO – Presentation House

"Nicole Leroux ... provides an engagingly intelligent and surprising presence throughout."
- Colin Thomas [The Georgia Straight, Feb 17, 2000]